Breast Cancer Awareness// Zumbathon

Hello Everyone!

This past Thursday I had the wonderful pleasure of participating in a fundraiser event that helped my hometown raise money to their local cancer society. 

These are just some of the simple facts about breast cancer that many individuals either are unaware about, or just don’t fully understand. 

Remember that breast cancer also doesn’t JUST affect women. Men are also affected by this cancer. 

More about the event now… this Zumbathon had several different instructors up on the stage having the crowd dance along with them. This event also had younger dance girls of all ages that came to preform and get involved. The turn out was very nice but can always improve! 

Here are some of the decorations of the stage and the pumpkins they decorated for the event. Along with the T-shirt that was sold at the event. 

~Hope for the fighters 💗

~Peace for the survivors 💗

~Prayers for the taken 💗

Remember that early detection is key. So remember to get your scans done and females that are under 40 self exams can be done and should be done.

Please check out the website above for any information about breast cancer. KNOWLEDGE IS SO INPORTANT! 

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Pumpkin Patch // Fall 2016

Today’s life journey took me to the Gilcrease Orchard with my family to go pick our very own pumpkins. It was an extremely sunny Sunday and I immediately regretted wearing long pants. I should’ve known that early fall in Las Vegas is still consider hot. 

I went to go pumpkin picking with my parents and youngest sister, along with my eldest brother’s family. 

This I believe was my family’s first time pumpkin picking and we had NO idea what we were getting into. First off, we got so lucky on carrying the pumpkins. The place we went to (Gilcrease Orchard) actually had wheel barrels for the public to use to carry the pumpkins you wanted to check-out stands. Which was such a blessing since we didn’t bring anything to carry them with. Definitely would’ve been a “everyone carry their own pumpkin” kind of scenario. 

I also learned about all the different kinds of pumpkins. Which was such an eye opener. I also realized why some individuals had their own gardening gloves. The thorns I received on my hands were horrible… 

Overall, I learned a ton and I had a ton of fun! 

Until my next adventure,