Fright Dome // Fall 2016

Goodbye Haaalllooooweeeennn! 

Five Night at Freddy’s themed haunted house

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone really enjoyed their Halloween. If you don’t live in the United States of America than you are missing out on some great festivities. Here we tend to go a little overboard and love celebrating no matter the age. 

When you are younger you go door to door getting free candy. Past the age of 18 you tend to go to Halloween Parties more and the cycle continues when you start having your own kids.

This Halloween I had the wonderful pleasure to attend Fright Dome which was held in the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. There are six haunted houses that you go in all themed differently with a TON of jump scares and wonderful actors everywhere! 

He snuck up behind me while snapchatting. ALWAYS STAY ALERT!
Her face makeup was done by a professional and she was honestly super lovely
The masks on the far left was totally terrifying
He was so terrifying just staring and hiding in the dark to scare you as you walk past him

I will not lie…. I love getting scared and I’m very opened minded when entering haunted houses. I love the jump scares and try to not search for the actors to make my experience that much better. 

80s Baby!!

This year I went with my sister and we dressed up in 80s themed wardrobe. (Butttttt little did we know this was going to glow like crazy and make us an easy target in EVERY haunted house we entered.) Nonetheless, we dressed up and truly had a wonderful time. We got super lucky and went in first on four of the haunted houses which make it soooo much better because you’re in the lead so you get all the jump scares and see everything first! 

If you have never gone to a haunted house before I recommend you try it at least once in this lifetime. I am NOT a huge fan of scary movies but I love haunted houses! They are meant to scare you. Make you scream and jump. If you are one of those individuals who “don’t get scared” than buzz off. Don’t bother going because you most likely won’t enjoy yourself trying to be super tough.. 

Anyways…. I love Halloween and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and ate some yummy candy! If you did anything super fun share it with me I would love to read what everyone did or if you celebrate Halloween any different. 

Enjoy our pumpkins we made! 

Thanks for reading,