New Year Resolutions//January 2017

I started this blog late last year because I needed an outlet in my life. I didn’t even stick with it for very long before I gave up. I love reading people’s blog and seeing how creative and passionate they are with every post they write. With that being said I’m still not sure what kind of blog page mine will be. I love outdoor adventures and I love so many beauty projects and lifestyle blogs as well.

So… for this year I’m going to write what makes me happy and distracted from everything else that brings me worry and confusion in my life.

1. New blog post every month

I’m new, I still don’t know how to use everything on this website and that okay. I love writing and I’m horrible at it but I think writing will only help me get better. This past Christmas I gave my youngest sister her first journal. In hopes that she will also start to love writing. She a fanatic story teller so why not? I want to write a blog post every month. To help me go out and do things every month. To help me enjoy the world more than I am or did last year. I want to read my blog post in the future and see how happy this made me and how excited I was to try new things.

2. Take my furbabies out more frequently

Next, I lost my golden retriever last November. So in honor of her I told myself I will try my very best to take my other two dogs out with me on hikes, walks and a trip to the dog parks. So far so good. I obviously know that I won’t keep this up everyday but I’m aiming for three times a week or simple short walks for them as much as possible.


Third, which is to try and go to church more often. I use to truly love going every week. I enjoy the people that you meet and the spirit of everyone. So for this one I’m going to try and go to church weekly. I know going by myself can be a little intimidating but I consider myself a very sociable person and this will only help me get out there more and help me meet new people. Plus, I think this will help me with person growth and just keep me on a more respectable path. Which is always a bonus.

4. Me time 🙂

Next, I think my stress comes from a constant going to work, school, and everyday life.  So for this resolution I’m going to take a weekly ‘shut-off.’ Which means a bath, read a book or watch a new movie all to myself with zero social media, games, my cell phone and people. It’s going to my ‘me-time’. Which lets face it now-a-days taking a technology break is super important. So I’m going to try and do this!

5. 24 books in one year

Last, I have found a new happiness last year that was always accessible to me but I never pursued it as much as I did last year. Which is ………. READING… I know, I know… Reading for pleasure is the most enjoyable thing and I regret not doing it more in high school. Last year alone I read more books than all four years in high school combined. So, I’m going to push myself to read two new books every month. I need to keep this because honestly it is so satisfying. Any books I read I’ll try my best to write about it in a blog post in hopes to inspire anyone reading my blog post to read the books. Sort of like a mini book club between us all. Also, if any of you have good book recommendations I would love suggestions!

I’m sure there is so much more like eating properly and exercise but lets be real after a month I’ll give up. SO I decided to do things to help me emotionally and mentally. Plus, walking my dogs and caring for them will hopefully help me in that area anyways… Here is to a Happy New Year Everyone! I hope we have a good one and find a light when times get dark and hard. Smiling is the best medicine we have to offer so smile more humans! Remember to say yes to more opportunities and keep an open mind to anything that comes your way.


To all new adventures that 2017 has to offer,





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