Dear Future Me//April 2017

Are you happy?
This was the whole reason I started my blog. This was meant for my own online diary to show myself all my adventures that I’ve taken or times I’ve explored new things and had more than enough joy to write about it to remember it in the future. 

I’ve neglected to share my adventures lately but this past weekend was Easter. A time to be extremely grateful and remember what makes me happy.

The Fab 5 (family nickname) when camping in Laughlin, NV this past weekend. It was definitely needed. A little off the grid was in order for sure.  We struggled to set up the tent which included me getting smacked in the face with the tent pole that wasn’t secure. We obviously figured it out but it wasn’t a one and done kind of experience. Third time was the charm for us 😉 

We pack our game table and took all our favorite game night activities such as: dominoes, tenies, and skip-bo. If you haven’t play any of this you should. Tenies is one that is knew to us and is now a family favorite. Up to ten people can play and it is super interactive and just a great time. Also, the smores were pretty great. Yummmm 

We only went for two days and we did a fishing day for one. Didn’t catch anything but…. I learned a ton about fishing. Which I didn’t expect to like but I really did. Also, is was around the 90 degree so I got a very nice tan out of it!

After, camping we went to my brother’s for Easter Brunch and enjoy some nice showers and a wonderful meal. 

Since, we didn’t make it to church that morning we attended an evening mass which was perfect ending to my hectic weekend. What I remember from church is the reason why I got on here to write. To remember what was said. 

“I hate buttercream milk. I hate flour. I don’t care to much for eggs. But if you put them all together and put them in the oven for 20 minutes. I sure do love those biscuits. We don’t always like things that happen in our lives but God has a plan and put it all together it will all come together and you will live the life you are suppose to live.”  I took a lot from this because it’s so true. I think about all the things I hate in my life or don’t like. But I can’t be who I am or who I will be if I don’t go through all the parts of my life that I need to live out. Good and bad. 

Remember to be happy and positive whenever you can. Those times are always precious and mean the world to those you share it with.