Hello Spring Time //May 2017

Which means?… Yes tie dye shirts everyone!

I decided to make my two younger sisters and I matching colored tie dye shirts. In order to make them spring colors, I did pink and orange. A bit more girly but they came out adorable! 

If you have never tie dyed a shirt before have no fear it will always turn out differently than how you expect it. Which means just HAVE FUN WITH IT! My supplies were simple 3 white shirts, rubber rands, trash bag, (to simulate a tarp to not spill dye everywhere) and tie dye colors. Now the kits comes with gloves but I had latex gloves already so I just preferred to use those. 

Now picking the pattern… always a hard choice. I attempted the typical swirl. After looking for examples this seemed like the easiest option. 

FIRST, you pinch the shirt whereever you want your swirl to start. I did the middle of the shirt. 

Next you begin to twist the shirt until your shirt is in a full little circle shape. 

After completing your cinnamon roll shirt. You tie it down in sections to spread your dye. 

After getting it all tie up with rubber bands start putting one dye into one section of shirt. Try not to blend them all together but it will happen so don’t overly worry.

After you are satisfied with your tie dye shirt place in a ziplock overnight. Wash and dry separately to get the dye out. 

Here are some amazing sister pictures! 

We had a blast in our shirts and I was super proud of doing it helpself. Win. Win.

Until next time, 




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