Hello Spring Time //May 2017

Which means?… Yes tie dye shirts everyone!

I decided to make my two younger sisters and I matching colored tie dye shirts. In order to make them spring colors, I did pink and orange. A bit more girly but they came out adorable! 

If you have never tie dyed a shirt before have no fear it will always turn out differently than how you expect it. Which means just HAVE FUN WITH IT! My supplies were simple 3 white shirts, rubber rands, trash bag, (to simulate a tarp to not spill dye everywhere) and tie dye colors. Now the kits comes with gloves but I had latex gloves already so I just preferred to use those. 

Now picking the pattern… always a hard choice. I attempted the typical swirl. After looking for examples this seemed like the easiest option. 

FIRST, you pinch the shirt whereever you want your swirl to start. I did the middle of the shirt. 

Next you begin to twist the shirt until your shirt is in a full little circle shape. 

After completing your cinnamon roll shirt. You tie it down in sections to spread your dye. 

After getting it all tie up with rubber bands start putting one dye into one section of shirt. Try not to blend them all together but it will happen so don’t overly worry.

After you are satisfied with your tie dye shirt place in a ziplock overnight. Wash and dry separately to get the dye out. 

Here are some amazing sister pictures! 

We had a blast in our shirts and I was super proud of doing it helpself. Win. Win.

Until next time, 




Dear Future Me//April 2017

Are you happy?
This was the whole reason I started my blog. This was meant for my own online diary to show myself all my adventures that I’ve taken or times I’ve explored new things and had more than enough joy to write about it to remember it in the future. 

I’ve neglected to share my adventures lately but this past weekend was Easter. A time to be extremely grateful and remember what makes me happy.

The Fab 5 (family nickname) when camping in Laughlin, NV this past weekend. It was definitely needed. A little off the grid was in order for sure.  We struggled to set up the tent which included me getting smacked in the face with the tent pole that wasn’t secure. We obviously figured it out but it wasn’t a one and done kind of experience. Third time was the charm for us 😉 

We pack our game table and took all our favorite game night activities such as: dominoes, tenies, and skip-bo. If you haven’t play any of this you should. Tenies is one that is knew to us and is now a family favorite. Up to ten people can play and it is super interactive and just a great time. Also, the smores were pretty great. Yummmm 

We only went for two days and we did a fishing day for one. Didn’t catch anything but…. I learned a ton about fishing. Which I didn’t expect to like but I really did. Also, is was around the 90 degree so I got a very nice tan out of it!

After, camping we went to my brother’s for Easter Brunch and enjoy some nice showers and a wonderful meal. 

Since, we didn’t make it to church that morning we attended an evening mass which was perfect ending to my hectic weekend. What I remember from church is the reason why I got on here to write. To remember what was said. 

“I hate buttercream milk. I hate flour. I don’t care to much for eggs. But if you put them all together and put them in the oven for 20 minutes. I sure do love those biscuits. We don’t always like things that happen in our lives but God has a plan and put it all together it will all come together and you will live the life you are suppose to live.”  I took a lot from this because it’s so true. I think about all the things I hate in my life or don’t like. But I can’t be who I am or who I will be if I don’t go through all the parts of my life that I need to live out. Good and bad. 

Remember to be happy and positive whenever you can. Those times are always precious and mean the world to those you share it with. 



Disney on ICE // January 2017

Hello Everyone!!
So this past weekend I had a blast hanging out with the Fab5. Fab5 is what I call my parents along with my two sisters and I. I made it up when we all traveled to Europe together and now that is just what we call ourselves. 

Not only did I hang out with the Fab5 but my brother and his family also my Uncle his wife and their two boys joined us as well. 


We all went to go see DISNEY ON ICE! 

So it was the best thing ever. 

It was characters reenacting their movies on ice. Honestly, it was so graceful and I wish I could ice skate like them. 

It starts of with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck introducing each other and making jokes. Super adorable. They start by getting the crowd pumped up but clapping, dancing and singing. Which everyone joined in on so you know it’s going to get rowdy. 

Which they also came out in between each movie/skit and introduced the movies that were going to be reenacted next. 

Which first up was….


Which was just super well put on. 

They basically sum up the movie and go through it all and I was just super memorized. I’m super sad I though I got a picture of the toy soldiers like Sarge but I didn’t. Must have put it on my Snapchat instead. Anyways, they had one that game down on a parachute which was a crowd shocker! 

The next movie they reenacted was….


I sang along to every single song. With zero shame because come on who wouldn’t? 

The part that makes it super awesome is they ask questions and start clapping to make the audience sing, dance and clap along it’s awesome. They also made bubbles come out of the sky for Under The Sea song which was an excellent touch.

Next after a brief intermission was….


Which I think was amazing. 


For Cars it was a little different they didn’t summarize the movie is was more of a skit but amazing nonetheless. Their mouths moved and their eyes. Super life like and Mater stole the show and was my family’s favorite. Also, it had fireworks, smoke and crazy lights for added effect. The cars were driving over the ice and I was so impressed they never slid and hit each other. 

Last Disney movie was of course….


Which obviously again I sang along to every single song but don’t worry I was not alone. Everyone in the audience was singing and enjoying themselves and it was a great environment. 

For Frozen they had “snow” fall from the sky and every little girl’s dream came true. Everyone clapped and cheered after every jump trick and spin they put on. 

Honestly, it was a wonderful experience and my whole family enjoyed themselves. We had an age range from about two to fifty years of age so you can’t say it wasn’t a good show because everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Also, my sister and I snapchatted ourselves in our matching Olaf’s hats and sang along it was extremely fun. I’m sure we embarrassed my mother but we didn’t care so oh well.. 🙂 
Well until next adventure everyone,



New Year Resolutions//January 2017

I started this blog late last year because I needed an outlet in my life. I didn’t even stick with it for very long before I gave up. I love reading people’s blog and seeing how creative and passionate they are with every post they write. With that being said I’m still not sure what kind of blog page mine will be. I love outdoor adventures and I love so many beauty projects and lifestyle blogs as well.

So… for this year I’m going to write what makes me happy and distracted from everything else that brings me worry and confusion in my life.

1. New blog post every month

I’m new, I still don’t know how to use everything on this website and that okay. I love writing and I’m horrible at it but I think writing will only help me get better. This past Christmas I gave my youngest sister her first journal. In hopes that she will also start to love writing. She a fanatic story teller so why not? I want to write a blog post every month. To help me go out and do things every month. To help me enjoy the world more than I am or did last year. I want to read my blog post in the future and see how happy this made me and how excited I was to try new things.

2. Take my furbabies out more frequently

Next, I lost my golden retriever last November. So in honor of her I told myself I will try my very best to take my other two dogs out with me on hikes, walks and a trip to the dog parks. So far so good. I obviously know that I won’t keep this up everyday but I’m aiming for three times a week or simple short walks for them as much as possible.


Third, which is to try and go to church more often. I use to truly love going every week. I enjoy the people that you meet and the spirit of everyone. So for this one I’m going to try and go to church weekly. I know going by myself can be a little intimidating but I consider myself a very sociable person and this will only help me get out there more and help me meet new people. Plus, I think this will help me with person growth and just keep me on a more respectable path. Which is always a bonus.

4. Me time 🙂

Next, I think my stress comes from a constant going to work, school, and everyday life.  So for this resolution I’m going to take a weekly ‘shut-off.’ Which means a bath, read a book or watch a new movie all to myself with zero social media, games, my cell phone and people. It’s going to my ‘me-time’. Which lets face it now-a-days taking a technology break is super important. So I’m going to try and do this!

5. 24 books in one year

Last, I have found a new happiness last year that was always accessible to me but I never pursued it as much as I did last year. Which is ………. READING… I know, I know… Reading for pleasure is the most enjoyable thing and I regret not doing it more in high school. Last year alone I read more books than all four years in high school combined. So, I’m going to push myself to read two new books every month. I need to keep this because honestly it is so satisfying. Any books I read I’ll try my best to write about it in a blog post in hopes to inspire anyone reading my blog post to read the books. Sort of like a mini book club between us all. Also, if any of you have good book recommendations I would love suggestions!

I’m sure there is so much more like eating properly and exercise but lets be real after a month I’ll give up. SO I decided to do things to help me emotionally and mentally. Plus, walking my dogs and caring for them will hopefully help me in that area anyways… Here is to a Happy New Year Everyone! I hope we have a good one and find a light when times get dark and hard. Smiling is the best medicine we have to offer so smile more humans! Remember to say yes to more opportunities and keep an open mind to anything that comes your way.


To all new adventures that 2017 has to offer,




Fright Dome // Fall 2016

Goodbye Haaalllooooweeeennn! 

Five Night at Freddy’s themed haunted house

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone really enjoyed their Halloween. If you don’t live in the United States of America than you are missing out on some great festivities. Here we tend to go a little overboard and love celebrating no matter the age. 

When you are younger you go door to door getting free candy. Past the age of 18 you tend to go to Halloween Parties more and the cycle continues when you start having your own kids.

This Halloween I had the wonderful pleasure to attend Fright Dome which was held in the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. There are six haunted houses that you go in all themed differently with a TON of jump scares and wonderful actors everywhere! 

He snuck up behind me while snapchatting. ALWAYS STAY ALERT!
Her face makeup was done by a professional and she was honestly super lovely
The masks on the far left was totally terrifying
He was so terrifying just staring and hiding in the dark to scare you as you walk past him

I will not lie…. I love getting scared and I’m very opened minded when entering haunted houses. I love the jump scares and try to not search for the actors to make my experience that much better. 

80s Baby!!

This year I went with my sister and we dressed up in 80s themed wardrobe. (Butttttt little did we know this was going to glow like crazy and make us an easy target in EVERY haunted house we entered.) Nonetheless, we dressed up and truly had a wonderful time. We got super lucky and went in first on four of the haunted houses which make it soooo much better because you’re in the lead so you get all the jump scares and see everything first! 

If you have never gone to a haunted house before I recommend you try it at least once in this lifetime. I am NOT a huge fan of scary movies but I love haunted houses! They are meant to scare you. Make you scream and jump. If you are one of those individuals who “don’t get scared” than buzz off. Don’t bother going because you most likely won’t enjoy yourself trying to be super tough.. 

Anyways…. I love Halloween and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and ate some yummy candy! If you did anything super fun share it with me I would love to read what everyone did or if you celebrate Halloween any different. 

Enjoy our pumpkins we made! 

Thanks for reading,



Breast Cancer Awareness// Zumbathon

Hello Everyone!

This past Thursday I had the wonderful pleasure of participating in a fundraiser event that helped my hometown raise money to their local cancer society. 

These are just some of the simple facts about breast cancer that many individuals either are unaware about, or just don’t fully understand. 

Remember that breast cancer also doesn’t JUST affect women. Men are also affected by this cancer. 

More about the event now… this Zumbathon had several different instructors up on the stage having the crowd dance along with them. This event also had younger dance girls of all ages that came to preform and get involved. The turn out was very nice but can always improve! 

Here are some of the decorations of the stage and the pumpkins they decorated for the event. Along with the T-shirt that was sold at the event. 

~Hope for the fighters 💗

~Peace for the survivors 💗

~Prayers for the taken 💗

Remember that early detection is key. So remember to get your scans done and females that are under 40 self exams can be done and should be done.

Please check out the website above for any information about breast cancer. KNOWLEDGE IS SO INPORTANT! 

Thanks for reading,



Pumpkin Patch // Fall 2016

Today’s life journey took me to the Gilcrease Orchard with my family to go pick our very own pumpkins. It was an extremely sunny Sunday and I immediately regretted wearing long pants. I should’ve known that early fall in Las Vegas is still consider hot. 

I went to go pumpkin picking with my parents and youngest sister, along with my eldest brother’s family. 

This I believe was my family’s first time pumpkin picking and we had NO idea what we were getting into. First off, we got so lucky on carrying the pumpkins. The place we went to (Gilcrease Orchard) actually had wheel barrels for the public to use to carry the pumpkins you wanted to check-out stands. Which was such a blessing since we didn’t bring anything to carry them with. Definitely would’ve been a “everyone carry their own pumpkin” kind of scenario. 

I also learned about all the different kinds of pumpkins. Which was such an eye opener. I also realized why some individuals had their own gardening gloves. The thorns I received on my hands were horrible… 

Overall, I learned a ton and I had a ton of fun! 

Until my next adventure,